Hallo Zuercherin & Zuercher !

Dear Zuercherin and Zuercher,

My Secret Zuerich is glad to announce you the launch of the very first capsule collection of ” Your Secret City Guide To Zueri” – A collection of thematic City Guides written in English, German and French. The only one we know.

The N°1 is a selection of about 60 brunch venues in Zuerich and sorted by their unique atmosphere: Luxury, Travellers, Trendy, Girly, Easy Going, Rooftop, Lakeside, Countryside, Home Delivery

Each place has been carefully visited, tested and approved and is illustraded by Zuercher ubran sketcher Mario Leimbacher.

Local or new incomers, occasional visitors, well-established Zuercher…. every one will find out the brunch that suits him the best.

To buy it immediately,  send us this form back! we will send you back an email with the payment details or you can choose to pay at delivery in cash. Or visit the following bookstores:

For your gifts for friends or relatives, we can arrange a personalized packaging with a hand written card from you ! This present is always a success !


Price / unity: Regular: Fr. 13.-. Gift send in Express by post : Fr. 14.50
120 pages
Delivery by post within 3-4 working days or hand-to-hand on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Delivery in Germany and France takes a bit longer.

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