Frozen Yogurt

When tired of the unavoidable ice creams at Bellevue’s Movenpick,  let’s try the new trend of this summer: the Frozen Yogurt – nothing to envy to Mc Donald Mc Fleury-, topped with fruits, sweets, biscuits, or whatever.

Creamy and Frozen
Creamy and Frozen


The most cosy: You shall go to the Juice Market (Augustinerstrasse 42 – 8001) at least one, located in the heart of the Old Town, in one of these lovely paved streets. If you find it hard to make your choice among the several topping, let you guide by the “Fro Yo of the day”. FroYo are served in a small glass, and you can order a freshly squeezed fruit juice. (Price around Fr. 9)


The last opened: Eselstein (corner of Rämistrasse / Stadelhoferstrasse, Zurich) for its large choice of fruits topping and because we can site inside when it rains (which open most of the time at the moment…)

The most eccentric & arty:  Tyson’s, (Hochgasse 44, 8008 Zürich). A video shop, a book & music library, an art gallery dedicated to young artists AND last but not least: a Frozen Yo shop. Yes, you read properly: all at the same time.  Totally improbable. We loved.

The trendiest: I love Leo (Obersdorfstrasse 22, Kreis 1).  We loooved the very special taste of its creamy yogurts. Plus: a small terrace crowed of fashioniteenas and a very large choice of toppings, including liquors.

For night loversYoomoo (Pelikanstrasse 19, Kreis 1), open until half past midnight. We found there the largest choice of yogurt: nature, fat free, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. You help yourself and pay by weights.  And  those whose gluttony never stops can rent a YoomooBus for their special events.


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