Fluo Mania

You’ve probably noticed that fluo has insidiously invaded our wardrobe for nearly one year. Of course, we’ll succumb to the temptation of being trendy, but for nothing in the world at the cost to look like a resurgence of the 80’s.

We’ve listed pros and cons of wearing fluo outfits:


  • sublimate your tanned skin: yes, you’ve been to St Trop at summer holidays. What’s the point?
  • no one can miss you in the street/ in a bar: you’re a tanned flashy bomb.
  • it suits perfectly with your new OPI coral nail polish.
  • With such a disastrous weather, you want to be a sunlight in the grey city.


  • you don’t want to look like a 80’s icon nor like a clown (or like a clown coming straight from the 80’s).
  • you don’t want to change all your wardrobe when you are almost convinced that fluo will be fashion only two or three more seasons.
  • you were not in St Trop this summer and don’t wear flashy orange nail polish.

We, at My Secret Zueri, thought for you at the best combination to be trendy and avoid the drawbacks listed above:


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