Falafel and take away – for fast lunch

Image-1No time for lunch and an envy of exotism? I suggest you a falafel sandwich–recommended as a good veggi alternative (rich in protein with around 400 cal) – or a shawara if you are definitely a carnivore. I‘ ve tried for you some of these take away in Zuerich:

–       Hiltl Take Away (Talstrasse 62, Sihlstrame 28 and in the basement of Jelmoli): among a large choice of other veggi specialities. The one on Tastrasse is at Pflanzbar (Blumen Krämer): yes, a flower shop where you can order/eat your falafel at the bar between two flowerpots. An unusual and sensitive experience.

–       The Cedre Bellevue (Schifflände 5, 8001) near Bellevue: with a fantastic white sauce mixed with hummus. One of the first Lebanese restaurants in town.

– Uni (Sonneggstrasse 2, 8006) near ETH: hot and spicy but well executed.