Burgers Short List in Zürich

You will find a large variety of burgers restaurant in Zurich. To name a few of them: the Iroquois on Seefeldstrasse (appreciable place to watch a football match or for a brunch), Helvti Diner on Kasernstrasse (reputed to count among the best with its  classic 50’s american deco), Movie near the Hauptbahnhoff (100% cinema decoration and large bunch of drinks). I made a short list of 3 places I enjoyed:


Korner        Korner Gourmet Burger (Gartenstrasse 10 – at the corner with Stockerstrasse) : in a newly decorated restaurant, you will enjoy generous and well-executed hamburger with tender breads. The fries are just as we like: large, moistly inside and crusty outside, not too oily. Def the best burgers in Zurich.

             Heidi und Tell (Gotthardstrasse 66, Kreis 2): I have been attracted by the 100% swiss decoration – I felt like being in a modern chalet. I have read numerous of pean of prease on Heidi und Tell burgers and had consequently high expectation. Fries are slimly sliced and topped with a mix of herbs.  Burgers are good. I only regret to be served in a very small box: I did not manage to eat cleanly… fortunately, I was not sitting in front of a potential date 🙂

           Shinsen (Staffelstrase 10 – 8045): is a Japanese restaurant, really hard to find and completely hidden.  Less famous than its big brother Ginger on Seefeldstrasse , it offers what you usually find in a Japanese restaurant: sushi, sashimi, maki, tempura… but not only ! For the very first time, I enjoyed a Thuna Burger and a Salmon Burger. And let me share this with you: fish burgers in a japanese-style are really surprising but good too.


  • If you are a Burger lover, you can refer to the blog ” The Burger Club” with rating of Zurich’s burger.


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