Covetchic: When Luxury and Fashion meet the Net

Wadia and I met at a café in Paris. She is an enthusiastic and passionate young Parisian, dedicated to fashion and design. Initially, her sister Ismahane, used to collect everything she could find about fashion and transmitted her passion.

The pair quickly came to know more than a human could know about trends, fashions and international designers. Driven by their passion, the audacious sisters resigned from their previous positions to share the creations of their favourite designers (who they personally met for the most of them) : the luxury shop-on-line CovetChic was born.

Aware that they are addressing demanding women, Wadia and Ismahane thought about all the “little extra” to make CovetChic really unique in the ocean of shops-on-line – this is definitely not a shop-on-line like any other:

  • a clear and easy-to-use presentation,
  • accommodating deliveries outside France,
  • personal advices on request,
  • items categorized by style, by designer or by type (jewelry, hats, scarfs…),
  • a blog dedicated on fashion and fashion designers,
  • and last, they pay 5% of their sales to selected NGOs – a significant details for the conscious consumers that we are.

I literally crushed on the must-have accessorizes of the season:

  •  Oversized Necklace Absinthe by Lulu Frost: for everyday life, to wear on a round-neck pullover, or a withe deep- neck shirt. For evening, with a strapless dress for an elegant outfit.

It’s lovely, isn’t it?

  • Casual and Chic silk Wallet by Wilbur&Gussie – adopted by Kate Middleton. I love the Edith Red Net – perfect with a chic cocktail dress- and the Margot Black – perfect with a long evening dress.

  • IT Bag Thela by Meli Melo: a must have conceived for women’ everyday shopping. This bag is really useful with its multiple internal pockets.

Thela Tan Thela Tan inside

  • Fur ear-protector by Eugenia Kim: to stay warm with style in winter (and we really need it here !)

eugenia-kim covet chic-JANINE

  •  A large choice of trendy Headbands by Deepa Gurnami: to elegantly accessorize your hairdressing.

Deepa Gurnani-headband-bandeau-covet-chicJennifer-Behr-headband-Cosmos-covet chic

Especially for you, Wadia made a short list of the winter accessorizes:

eugenia-kim covet chic-felix noireugenia-kim covet chic-FIFIeugenia-kim covet chic-mimi FURheadband-laine-eugenia-kim-covet-chiceugenia-kim covet chic-mimi fur gray

Whatever your personal style, Rock addict or Bohemian, I am pretty sure you will find plenty of other treasuries of femininity and elegance on CovetChic. On my side, I am not going to wait until Christmas.


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