Protect your skin with Jardins des Monts: Winter Beauty Tips #2

The winter promises to be COLD. This is a sufficient reason to pamper our skin. Nothing like a hand cream containing shea butter and  beewax, or balm enriched with Edelweiss to keep your skin soft . But beware, no question of putting anything on your skin ! This is why I would like to introduce you a young and promising Swiss brand .

The two young women founder of Jardins des Monts carefully cultivate the pastures of the Pays d’Enhaut (near Gstaadt)  to transform local herbs and flower into teas, syrups and recently in a range of beauty product : gentle scrub , balm , cream, body oil …
The majority of these products are made from local herbs grown in a mountain farm  neglected for years, and are the result of perseverance those two passionates .

We tried the nourishing Impératoire hand balm (FCH 35 – 100% natural), whose the rich texture helps to treat itchy skin. Ideal for very dry skin, we advice to apply preferably at night before lying down .


Always looking to find a new use of these local plants , the two friends invented new products for Christmas : a candle  and fresh chocolates mixing cocoa’s sweetness with the mountain flowers’ fragrance.


We love:

  • The packaging, inspired by the traditional art of cutting,  typical of the Oberland
  • Swiss and Natural ;
  • To treat our skin with natural products
  • The project of two passionates to save a mountain farm and to imagine products with local mountain herbs.

Unfortunaltely, Jardins des Monts is only available in the French – speaking part of Switzerland, but you can order on the Net.


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