#1 Wedding: book a reception place

The place you will choose for your wedding is probably one of the most important components of a successful event. It reflects your personality, contributes mainly to the special atmosphere you want to create. Most of all, depending of its experience, the team may be really helpful in the organization of your wedding.
  • Schloss Sihlberg (Sihlberg 10 – Zurich) : there, you can plan an aperitif in the garden, a dinner party in the Gala room, and the day after a brunch (for min. 40 persons) – Eventually, you can even book the whole castle.
  • Zunfthaus zur Meisen (Münsterhof 20): Located in the heart of Zürich, to be in an authentic Zuercher tradition – here, everything is taken in charge. You’ll just have to give your indication, choose your Dj’s or florist among their partners. The team knows is work and the decoration is tasty.
  • Zunfthaus zur Waag: same principle of a all inclusive offer – same idea as behind. If you’re up tp 120 guests, you will enjoy the wonderful dinning room in wood panel.
  • Dolder: why not treating yourself on this special day ? To get married in style with a great view on the Lake !
  • The Baur au Lac, the top luxury formula; with a wedding planner entirely dedicated to you, even a beauty salon, one-night for you and your husband in a suite and … a Rolls Royce Phantom to drive you from the church ! (from fch 265 per person min)
  • Panorama Resort & Spa: offers a great view on the lake
  • Volkhaus: another style, a bit more rustic and like a return in the past with the dinner room of the restaurant Volkhaus
  • Schloss Lenzburg: in the countryside of Zürich, with a bucolic background, in a lovely castle…
  • Igloo at Trübsee: for an original wedding. Near the Tilstit, the Igloo Dorf can arrange every thing for a wedding in an intimate atmosphere – image your guest’s surprise when sitting an a ice table in a igloo decorated with red roses…
  • Paxmal, Walenstadt: Here is a totally unusual place, right in the middle of Heidiland ! the Paxmal is a peace monument built by Karl Bickel between 1924 and 1949. The wall painting represents a couple of people in its existence and development, love and procreation.

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