Coachella Look Book

The first Week – end of the Coachella Festival was crazy, with the unexpected (?) kiss Madonna gave to (an unwilling ?) Drake on the stage.

That said, Coachella is not only THE music festival you must go, but also a fashion festival and a models, actors, socialities and singers meeting point !  You can make your own opinion through this selection of the best look….



And now.. Let’s get inspired !

  • The mini-short by Mango ( Bahnhofstrasse 82 or Lintheschergasse 7 or Schulstrasse 37) : 
Mango - about FCH 30
Mango – about FCH 50


Mango - about FCH 100
Mango – about FCH 100
Mango - about FCH 50
Mango – about FCH 50
  • The mini – top by the Kooples (Sweizergasse 11 – Zürich)
The KOOPLES - in silk. 145 €
The KOOPLES – in silk. 145 €
  • The oversized necklace by Shourouk (available at Grieder)
Shourouk - CHF 850
Shourouk – CHF 850
  • and last… the borsalino ( Neumarkt in Niederdorf – in front of Natasha Hat store) or panama


  •  Or the last little new born (mini or maxi) Twillys by HERMES to use like a headband for a really surprising and cool style (Bahnhoffstrasse 28 A)



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