Southern BBQ in Zürich

The 5th of May was the opening party of Brisket, the first Southern Barbecue in Zürich. The party was great – but one needed to come back on a quitter day to feel how the atmosphere would be.

First, the atmosphere ! the place is big. Not big: huge. So you can meet a large team of friends, and forget it for an intimate rendez-vous. The decorum is urban style, and matches perfectly with the location (Hardbrück).

2nd, the staff : English and german speaking. Perfect. But perhaps a bit pushy. No need to ask us 5 times in 1 hour if we wanted to order. And the place was not even full, so no need to rush. Relax guys.

3rd, the food: really good. The pork belly is juicy and tasty, as it must be. The smoked beef is perfect too. This changes us from our usual veal sausages from Pumpstation, Coco or Kiosk.

Must try , at least once.

Address: Pfingstweidstrasse 6 – 8005

Close on Sunday



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