Seafood in Zueri

Living in the country of cheeses and chocolate, you are sometimes missing seafood, and especially lobster and oysters.

Well, a few addresses to try when you are fed up of the eternal Eglifilet…

1. Volkshaus (Stauffacherstrasse 60 – 8004)

Recently refreshed, the Volkshaus is now a trendy and lively place with a fresh seasonal food. Every year, in February, you can enjoy an oyster bar.

2. Hummer Bar (Bahnhoffstrasse 87) 

This restaurant, attached to the Gotthard Hotel,  has known a golden age, probably in the 80’s but today, it look a little bit “old school” – service is more than perfect, lobsters is cooked in a old fashion way, but fresh and tasty. Atmosphere is quit and chic. Recommended if you expect a quit evening with a gourmet dinner.

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3. Brasserie Lipp (Uraniastrasse 39)

You have heard of the famous Parisian Brasserie on boulevard St Germain ? Here is its Zuercher version. The decoration is inspired by the traditional Parisian brasseries: wood, mirrors, white napkin, and a little something “belle époque” for a young a lively atmosphere. The menu offers a large choice of seafoods platters, lobsters, prawn, fishes (soles meunières) and other French dishes.


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