Chatelles hunting across Kanton Zurich – for the love of shoes

Do you remember that my Secret Zueri spotted the rising star of the shoes, Chatelles, more than one year ago?

I have ordered mine on line and was delighted to have been delivered in less than 24 hours . However, I regretted that the TVA was not deduced and I had to pay the custom fees… Anyway, that often happens when you order on the internet…

One store in KT Zueri, finally !

Dreams came true and Chatelles is now available in one store in Switzerland !
I saw that by chance when visiting the website.
One store on Zurich !! Waoa ! I run there … Without success: the address on the website was wrong. You imagine how disappointing this is.

As Sherlock Holmes if he had the same passion for shoes , i checked on moneyhouse and and finally found the correct address…
Yes ! The store actually exists but is located in … MEILEN !
Not Zurich, Meilen, the lovely village before Rapperswil…
So I decided to take my car and to go there anyway. Another proof that i am ready of everything for love of shoes.
But Francys (the only store that sells Chatelles in the whole country) is opened 3 days a week (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and Thursday on appointment), so i had to premeditate my visit.

Good news: Francys (Kirchgasse 49 in Meilen) really exists and really have Chatelles (among other really great brands like these jewelry flip flop shoes ) and the saleswoman gives super advices.

photo (5)
I however must notice two points;

  • the price: Fr. 240 at Francys and 136€ on line (without shipping fees)
  • you can not customize the shoes

But anyway, I am now facing a bigger challenge, the hardest of any shoes addict:  which one shall i choose ? The pink or the Brown one ? Dear beloved readers and followers , i need your help !

photo (4)
Or perhaps Chatelles will be kind enough to send me both after i indicated that the website was inaccurate? Sometimes your dreams come true …


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