My Perfect Wedding Dress

The Dress ! You need more than 3 months to find it and will wear it only once. It has to be perfect. You have to look wonderful. My tip: to try several different style, in different shops… and let’s your heart speak for you, you will recognize the right one at the first sight .

Zoro (Pelikanplatz 15) : there you will find the largest choice of wedding and bride dresses, with several different style. You will appreciate the quality and refinement of the creation. On appointment. zoro-brautmode-kollektion-2015-08

Modelatti (Zweierstrasse 165 – 8003) : simple, sober and elegant, but with this little detail that makes all the difference.  (From Fr. 900.-.) Highly recommended ! 14_s

Liluca (Werdmühleplatz 4 – 8001 – near Uraniastrasse, in front of Jules Vernes) : small and confidential boutique of high standing wedding dresses from several international designers including basic like the spanish Pronovia.

Modissa (Bahnhoffstrasse 74 – in front of brasserie Lipptrasse): Large choice, affordable price, in the average quality… Don’t forget to enjoy a drink at the rooftop !

Las Perlitas (Grossmunsterplatz 8) : getting married, having a baby – or having a baby, getting married ? There is no right order. That’s why , if you are looking for a wedding dress but are expecting, you will find the perfect one at Las Perlitas. Getting married when pregnant does not mean that you will not find a sublime dress !


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