Culinary adventure at Maison Manesse

Maison Manesse (Hopfenstrasse 2 – 8045) was last summer gourmet hotspot in Zürich, and the name was on every one lips. For more than one year, My Secret Zueri has been trying to dine there several times… and finally after several attempts, can make its review for you.

From outside, the hippest restaurant in town looks sober. Black walls, with only written “Restaurant” on. Inside, the decoration is very simple too. The reason: at Maison Manesse the decorum in inside your plates. Not outside.

The service is indeed impeccable, the wine card stunning with wines from almost every where, the dishes’ presentation simply amazing.

When dinning at Maison Manesse, you must have an open mind and be ready to for a culinary adventure, to discover new flavors, new assortments… Some are really surprising in the good way (loved the appetizer and the dessert) , other are a little bit disappointing (the pork tartare).

I don’t want to say too much about it, because dining at the Maison Manesse is a surprise in itself: you don’t really know what you are eating because some flavor are totally new, you analyze new sensation and wonder “but what is this ? ” or “that’s surprising !”… The experience there is really personal, whether you like it (I did ) or not (my male friends did not – they wanted a steak with fries… barbarians !) and will not let you indifferent.

We must applause the chef to dare something new with such refinement.

Price: min. Fr. 126.-. for the cheapest menu, without wine and water

photo 4 (14)
end the dinner with a regressive grilled marshmallow

(c) My Secret Zueri photo 2 (14) photo 1 (14) photo 3 (13) photo 3 (14) photo 4 (13) photo 2 (15) photo 5 (9)


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