The best baguette in town – John Baker

I had a dream. I dreamed of a bread with a crunchy crust and not a crispy crunch, a bread with a light crumb and not a sticky crumb… I dreamed it and John Baker made my dream comes true. box2

This trendy bakery is located near Stadhelhofen station ( Stadelhofenstrasse 28 – 8001), a little bit hidden. There,  you also can drink a really great and tasty coffee. John Baker proposes creative breads, the unique and perfect French baguette like in my childhood, home made sandwiches and other deli…

And even better: you can order to be delivered at hole or at your office.

Of course, quality has a price: the baguette will cost you Fr. 3.90.-. Pricey? Yes, but the quality is far higher than the industrial breads that you can find elsewhere.

the very very tasty sandwisch
the famous Fruchtbrot – i would kill for it !
the daily bread – one of the best in town


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