The best Baguette in town – Seri

The name is on all the insiders lips. We share the tips as a precious secret. Seri is am amateur Baker who works with the talent and the seriousness of a Pro. He was missing the French baguette, the real one, and then simply decided to make his own.

And experts in baguette can confirm that Seri reaches his objective to bake the best baguette of Zurich. Perfect in taste, perfect consistancy.

Seri is also inspired by Japanese flavors. His Macha Ice Cream is amazing, made with creme fraîche and with a strong Macha taste. A sweet delicacy to comfort you in and circumstances !

To book your baguette or our pastry, simply send a mail, a text message or give a call through

Seri will deliver at home or at your office at an agreed Day and hour . Perfect service !

Price (incl. Delivery) fr. 5 for one baguette


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