Meeting with the Zuri – based jewelry brand NK Designs

My Secret Zueri is very proud to introduce a lovely, very feminine and modern jewelry brand. Founded in Zurich in 2011, NK Designs proposes a choice of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and ear rings mainly designed and produced by its founder, the talented 25 years-old Zuercherin Nadia König.

She kindly answered three questions to satisfy our curiosity on NK Designs. Meeting with a passionate designer.

  •  What is the story behind NK Designs ? 

“At the beginning, I started to create jewelry for myself. I just wanted to create something special, something individual that is different from the jewelry you can find in most of the stores. Of course, I have been fascinated by gemstones, shells and simply all the treasures of nature sine I was a little girl. Since I am a scholar, I also want to create pieces of good quality at affordable prices. Every one an find something unique in my collection.”

  • What are your most successful jewels ? 

The King Cross rings, the hand chains and the beaded bracelets are the most successful pieces of my collection.

  •   Where can we buy NK Designs jewelry? 

“You can find all of them on the online store or you an visit me at the Christmas Market and pop up stores at the following date and address:

  • 14th Nov: pop up market at Maag Hall (Hardstrasse 219 – 8005)
  • 5th – 12th Dec.: Heiliger BimBam at Plaza (Badenerstrasse 109 – 8004)
  • 17th-20th Dec.: Heilliger BimBam at Maag Hall “



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