Pure Beauty Spa – English speaking Reference for massages and Beauty routine. 

Suffering of back pain and needing a time of relaxation , My Secret Zueri booked a hot stone massage at Pure Beauty Spa (Zollikerstrasse 82 – 8008).

I heard about this English-speaking beauty spot by reputation but did not really know what to precisely expect.

Actually, Pure Beauty Spa is like a hidden gold nugget. The staff is really carrying: you will be offered a tea or a drink, and asked for a few medical questions and more about your expectations. They are also very experimented in treatments and massages.

That say, the offer of body and facial treatments, including pedi and mani , wax, lash extension and many others, is so vast that you may find hard to make a choice. Better is to spend a whole afternoon in this salon and to treat yourself from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

And yes, if you wonder, my back is far less painful now. Thank you !

We love: the hot massage bed (amazing feeling when you are layed on it); the high know-how of the staff; the books and sofa to make children wait.


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