SENSA: inspiring fine jewellery

Sensa (Mutschellenstrasse 152 – 8038 Zurich) is a confidential Zuri based jewellery brand. My Secret Zueri found in deep love with its feminine design, that successfully mix originality and elegance.

Blue Agate Ring with pave set blue Sapphires and white Diamonds – CHF 2,550

Let’s meet Sally Bangerter, Sensa‘s founder and designer.

1. Tell us a little bit about you. Who are you?  
My name is Sally and i’m originally from Sydney Australia.  I’m 45 years old and spent my whole adult life in the jewellery business.
Originally i was wanting to do fashion design or interior decorating before discovering the world of gems.
I took a part time job at a small jewellery store while deciding and since then i never looked back.
8 years ago i moved to Zürich to marry my Swiss husband whom i met in Australia and now we have a 3 year old daughter together.
What are the three adjectives that would define you the best ?
The three adjectives that describe me best are,
Fun loving
How did you come to create jewellery ?
I started designing jewellery for myself, i would choose a stone i liked with the right cut and i would go from there.
Clients would comment on the design and place an order for the exact same thing which was rewarding.
2. Tell us a little bit about SENSA?
SENSA designs jewellery of elegance for all occasions using the combination of precious metals and stones sourced from all corners of the world.  It is SENSA’s belief that:
 jewellery shouldn’t be worn just for that special occasion – it can be worn on any occasion.
SENSA jewellery will always look good, either dressed up or down.  I love to custom design jewellery for my clients.
It all starts with an idea, a concept, a drawing, and a quote before it’s made.
With SENSA’s experience goldsmiths, finest craftsmanship and highest quality finish will be guaranteed.
When and how was SENSA created?
SENSA was created in 2008.  I would have friends coming to me for advise on jewellery and for help in sourcing diamonds and other gems.
First i started out with consultations and quoted clients giving them a price comparison and SENSA’s price was always competitive so word got around and here i am.
What is your most memorable moment in developing SENSA? 
Apart from creating the very first exclusive SENSA collection, it might have been when i got my first international order – a lady from the UK who found SENSA on the web – that was a special moment for me.
18 ct yellow gold – green Amethyst earrings set with white Diamonds – CHF 2,400
What are your sources of inspiration when it comes about creating jewelry ? 
I love to travel, visit museums and inspirational locations.  Recently i visited the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva with a collection that dates back to several hundred years.  It was an amazing source of inspiration.
Whether I travel, I do it always with open eyes
But whether i travel to Australia, Italy or whether i stroll through Zürich’s many colourful neighbourhoods, i do it always with open eyes and an open mind.

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