For the love of a perfect coffee

Café Henrici (Niederdorfstrasse 1 – 8001)  is a reference when we talk about coffee. This unpretentious is located in the lovely Niederdorf area and is everything bit a touristic spot. Indeed, this café is really authentic, with an adorable and unthusiastic staff.  Atmosphere is simple and friendly, perfect for a coffee in the day or a sunday brunch by a rainy day…

But let’s writte about what made Henrici reputation : coffee. The variety of coffee – selected according to beans origin- and the different receipts will rejoice the most exigent of coffee amateur. And if you Like hot sensation, You should try the Diabolo Espresso Machiato: that beverage is Probably the Best hangover remedy. 

Special mention for the handmade ice tea, the ginger – minth tea and the cold coffee (Like in Greece!) 

Nb: no wifi!



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