When a child changes your Life 

You used driking coffee with your besties, treating yourself with beauty treatment, lunching in town… But that was before something happened in your life and changed it for … Ever. 

Yes, a BABY.

Then You reallize that not all restaurants are kids-friendly; that after 20 minutes sitting at à café table, Your little one has enough and makes sure every body around knows about; and the last Time You had a mani or a proper hairdress were… Hum You don’t even remember !

Then these two places in Zurich are for You :

  • Wilde Tiere Family Club (Vorderberg 11 – 8044) : is the first Family club in Zurich. Access is easy (parking is at the corner). The first try is free, the 5 next Times before memabership Will cost You Fr.15 for the first child + fr.5 for siblings (free for parents) . After these tests, You must become a member for fr.100/ month. You Will enjoy a cafe-restaurant with a secure playground for babys in the middle and with special kids menue; or You can leave her at the daycare at the first floor. Two nannies Will play and take care of her and bring her back to You if the baby cries. Perfect when You want to enjoy a mani, a massage, a spa It a hairdressing in the basement. The atmosphere is very girly in a positive way , international and friendly; so You can share experience with other mums. And the place is super clean. 


  • Lys Boutique (Waffenplatzstrasse 11 – 8002) opened last year thanks to a young English mom who has been loving in Zurich for 6 years right now. It’ s a café – restaurant with playgrounds for toddlers. You get less facilities than at Wide Tiere but the address is good to know. You can buy artworks exhibited there or rent a place to show and sell your own work. 

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