piuzz: the new Atelier of fancy fascinators in Zurich 

Hats, headpieces, fascinators… We all need a fancy fascinator to dress up an outfit or for a special event. piuzz is the very new rising brand of fascinators that was missing in Zurich. 

Good to know : prices are reasonnable regarding the quality and originality of these elegant headpieces (between fr. 140 and fr. 340) 


If You want to see more of the collection, or to try a few pieces, piuzz is represented at the AtelierDays from Wednesday April, 13 (10am – 8pm) to Thursday April, 14 (10am – 6pm) – Erlengutstrasse 1A – 8703 Erlenbach – or You can visit Pia’s Atelier on appointment. 

Meet the dynamic founder and talented creator, Pia:

1. What is piuzz about ?At piuzz you find elegant and fancy hats and headpieces, each one handmade and unique. I also create bespoke headpieces that match my clients’ personality and the colors of their outfit.

2. How did You come up with the idea to launch piuzz?

First of all: I love hats and headpieces. There is nothing more elegant and flattering for a woman than wearing a hat that matches her outfit and her personality.

A couple of years ago, I was strolling through Marleyborne in London with a friend and we stopped at a millinery store. We bought a few items and created our first fascinator. She soon launched her brand “I Love Lilou“, first in London, now located in Munich.Ever since I also had the dream to create headpieces. When my daughter was born in early 2015, I finally had the courage to leave my job and start piuzz.

3. A few Word about You …

After studying philosophy and working in impact investing for 7 years, I am now a very happy mother and entrepreneur. I continue to be an analytic person, but piuzz allows me to work with my hands and be creative. i really missed that in my previous life.

4. What inspires You ?

I get my inspiration from three main sources, I would say: the materials, nature, and color combinations. Sometimes I start with a single feather or a flower, play around with it, combine it with other materials and little by little, a new creation comes into existence. When going for a walk with my daughter, I re-discover the beauty and wonders of nature through my child’s eyes; a very inspiring process. Or I simply feel like creating a headpiece that has green & purple, for instance, because I love that combination.

5. The realisation you are most proud of…

Oh, I actually like all of them 🙂 But what makes me proud is the moment when a woman comes into my Atelier to try on hats, looks at the mirror and smiles, because she simply likes the way she looks!


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