Batho Küche und Bar

A new hotspot has opened its doors in the freshly renovated Marktgasse Hotel (Marktgasse 17 – 8001), this discret hotel in the Niederdorf. Baltho is located at the ground floor, and the bar is at your right after the entrance. We like the decoration, that reminds us an English club (leather sofa and comfy armchairs) with a touch of modernity. The room is small and appropriate for intimate atmosphere.



The list of cocktails made my the in house mixologist is long, very long… and highly creative. Price are absolutely reasonable compared to Zurich standard. You wait your cocktail by sipping a home made water infused with cannel glass and a plate of pop corn.



The bar is opened like a mezzanine on the Baltho restaurant, decorated with a huge enlighten wall – we haven’t tasted the menu there, but looking to the guests’ dishes from our table at the bar, it was looking delicious ! Next time…



IMG_5907.jpgWe also like that this super cool spot is opened even on Sunday and that you can take 2 hours mixology classes every lats sunday evening of the month and wine tasting classes every second wednesday of the month.



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