Shop for good with Zuri label scarves Brand of Sisters

The ethical clothing label Brand Of Sisters offers capsule collection of lovely scarves designed by established or emerging designers. The second capsule collection was made by Edeline Lee.



I love the geometric and pure lines and colorful pattern of these high quality scarves – the fabric is light and soft, very pleasant to touch. The finishes are perfect. I am still testing different way to carry my new basic fashion accessorize, as it offers lots of options: classically around the neck , as a pareo at the badi or as a headband for a hippie chic style…

FullSizeRender - copie 2.jpg

Most of all, Brand Of Sisters connect women through fashion. This Zurich based fashion label calls to women’s solidarity and sisterhood: its philosophy is to give back to the less fortunates – 50 % of the sales are donated to the NGO Women for Women International, who empowers women around the world through a 12 months program during which they learn their rights, how to earn and save money and health issue.

You can now conscientiously shop  on line by visiting Brand Of Sisters‘ website!

Personally, I feel very concerned about the issue of women’s solidarity (local and internationally) – Coud you remain insensitive to women empowerment issues, especially when you have been lucky enough to access education?FullSizeRender - copie.jpg



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