Salad and juice in a jar

Are you found of home made said and healthy juices and smoothies ? Then the jars in glass of James Jar & Co are for you. With their useful handle and their clever lid, they are very practical and you can bring your salad everywhere and eat it in style. As those jars are super easy to clean,  you can reuse them. Indefinitely. Best idea ever.


At the beginning of the story, there are two friends whose the friends and family circles loved healthy food in sustainable packaging. That’s how they decided to imagine a creative concept of salad and smoothies or juice to go , that could be useful and sustainable in the same time. Their requirements were high: sustainable, fresh, healthy, tasty, without preservative substances, made with regional product from Switzerland… but they made it and that’s how the James Jar was born.


So far, you can find James Jar & Co at several events :

  • Strassefescht in Aarau on the 25. June 2016
  • Züri Fäscht from 1-3. July 2016
  • Zurich Street Food Festival

or contact the team directly by email !



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