Shelf life: pop up concept restaurant until 18th Nov

Pop up restaurants are constantly popping up in town. After the Thai restaurant, bar and massage room- Soi Thai , the new trendy place – to -test is Shelf Life ( Zollikerstrasse – near by Kreuzplatz). Open until the 18th of November, the new concept by Taste Lab is focused on food preservation

We tested it for lunch – a starter and a main dish. The service was super fast , with all the explanation required. You order and pay immediately at the bar. If we were not totally convinced by our starter, the main dish was a risotto , perfectly creamy and surprisingly good, with a creative association of salt and sweet , crispy and creamy. To die for.

Apparently the menu change every day, si it worth visiting it several times 🙂

D2017-09-29 12.12.30-1.jpg2017-09-29 12.15.57.jpg2017-09-29 12.17.11.jpg2017-09-29 12.22.35.jpgDinner: ch95 for 4 to 11 dishes depending on the number of guests


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