namari : your natural beauty routine

After having tried several branded cosmetic creams, and being always disappointed, I was looking for high quality organic beauty products. Fortunately, I found out the wonderful natural beauty products that are carefully handmade prepared by Nadine Ammari, the co-founder of organic beauty temple Pretty & Pure in Zurich.

Namari Skin  products are presented in lovely bottles of black glass – for maximal preservation. Overall, the experience was very positive. I most of all appreciate the delicate odors of these cosmetics (which are of course made without perfume) , that delicately evoke jasmin, musk, and oriental scents.

I had the opportunity to test three out of the whole collection:

  • NEKTAR: an oil , that you can apply on your skin to take your make up off , or to protect and hydrate your skin . Loved it, it does not leave your skin fat or oily, but really soft.
  •  TAU : a delicate facial mist , that embalms floral scents . To use at any time, for all purposes. I like to spray a few before sleeping, but you can use it to fix your make up for instance.
  • STAU : a 2 in 1 magic powder. Put a few powder in your hand, add drops of water and mix until you get a creamy red texture. You can use it as a scrub by gently massing your face . Or you can use it as a mask : you apply it on your face, and when it’s dry, remove it with warm water. Very easy to use, no waste as you prepare as much as you need. My skin (usually dry and dehydrated) was left smooth and soft. I did not have any reaction, dryness or redness after the scrub or the mask.

2017-10-14 13.59.31.jpg2017-10-14 13.49.21.jpg2017-10-14 13.48.54.jpg2017-10-14 13.48.37.jpg

2017-10-14 11.58.572017-10-14 11.59.28


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