Golden Carrot : shoes shot in Seefeld

“A golden carrot is like a glistening and solid high heel” says Cristina with humour when she warmly welcome us in the shop Golden Carrot. She opened her shop in Seefeld in October 2013 and offers a selection of feminine shoes and trendy accessories. This polyglot and passionate fashionista finds her treasures in Italy, in France and in Spain from manufacturers she meticulously chooses such as Chie Mihara, La Bottega di Lisa, Cydwoq, Strategia… Her motto is “comfort, elegance and originality”.

In this bright and cosy room, you will find out a large variety of colourful loafers, starry booties, stylish stilettos, manufactured in very limited series, or even exclusively at the shop owner’s request. Whether you want to put some pep on a too plain daily outfits, or to adopt a new singular and refined look, Cristina will easily help you to find what you are looking for. She is indeed very talented to  catch the spirit of the time and the styles of her customers. Last spring, the shop was expanded to propose a selection of clothing (Maison Lener, Daniela Alpi, Ewa i Walla, Giada Fratter, etc.) from which we retain the diversity and the beauty of the materials: cashmere, silk, wool…

Be careful: this variety of carrot is dangerously addictive!

Spotted by R.B. 

Opening Hours
TUE 13.00h – 18.30h

WED to FRI 11.00h – 18.30h

SAT 11.00h – 16.00h


Golden Carrot– Shoes and more

Seefeldstrasse 152, 8008 ZÜRICH


+41 78 848 28 23


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