The exclusive social network ASMALLWORLD celebrates its introduction on SIX Swiss Exchange


When Asmallworld was initially launched in 2004, the exclusive social network recruited its members on co-optation only. In 2013 Asmallworld evolved into a privileged international social club for like-minded people who share “a passion for the good life” : members can not only enjoy being part of a well-connected network, but they also benefit from exclusive services, members –only events and privileged offers, upgrades or discount from partners . Today the club gathers 30 000 members all around the globe who were co-opted or carefully selected by the ASW’s membership committee. For a 100 Sfr annual membership fee, members get access to special offers for 1000 exclusive events worldwide such as a weekend at the Gstaad Palace or a pass for the London Fashion Week. The social network website offers a market place, which can be useful to find a pied-à-terre abroad or to enhance an upper professional address-book for instance. Last, the platform proposes (among other) the famous eponymous premium card to access the fanciest nightclubs for 2’400 Sfr.

As flowers blossom in spring, ASW rings the bell of the IPO season to initiate its renaissance. To sustain its growth strategy and increase the Zürich based company visibility, the private social network Asmallworld (ASW Capital AG) went public on the 20th March 2017, by introducing 40% of the company existing capital at an opening price of Sfr 12.40 and is the very first social network to be introduced on the Swiss stock exchange. The stock closed at 15.47 Sfr. after a first day of quotation. Basically, the company was valued at about 120 millions Sfr. at the closing.

Faithful to its reputation of exclusive party organizer, the company couldn’t avoid celebrating properly the success of the IPO. Owner from 2009 and current Chairman Patrick Liotard – Vogt and CEO Jan Luescher hosted an amazing and lively party at Gallery Club, the luxury and glamorous club near by Paradeplatz. The dense crowd of happy few guests was casually dressed and euphoric of the news related to their favourite social network. They enjoyed delicious petit fours made of mini soups or swiss cheeses and sipped cocktails and Moët & Chandon champagne at the open bar on the sound of a jazzy music, before DJ Ray Douglas warmed the room up with house music … and they danced until the end of the night.

Owner and Chairman Patrick Liotard – Vogt and CEO Jan Luescher welcome their guests at Gallery Club, Zürich 

Spotted by R.B. 


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