#guerillaclassics brings classical music in unusual venues

Who said classical music has to take place in a concert-hall setting? Certainly not the Züri based team behind #guerillaclassics, who organizes surprising live-music interventions in totally unusual locations to bring classical music to a broad public . Over the last months only, 11 guerilla-actions have poped-up, with for example a very memorable one at Badi-Utoquai (see some footage here). The coming year promises to be full of surprises, with an announced event in Zürich Hauptbahnhof during the morning and evening rushhours on a friday in April focusing on video game music and the commuters’ journey, just to name one (see below to be informed of this event).


The venue and the date are kept secret and are communicated only a few days in advance by Whatsapp or email to an “inner guerilla-circle”. To become part of this pre-informed circle, simply contact the team by writing a short “sali” to: guerillaclassics@gmail.com


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