Café du bonheur: as the name suggests.

The quietness of the Bullingerplatz is only disturbed by the church bells tinkling . Ideally located on the place, with a perfect sun exposition, Café du bonheur‘s terrace is the ideal venue to enjoy the spring pleasant climat with a coffee or a sunday brunch. At the few tables available, people enjoy a reading or small talks with a coffee and a delicious real ( yea, real like in France) pain au chocolat perfectly executed by our favorite Zuri baker Seri. The small local and casual Café du bonheur is a real gem !




IMG-3705.JPG We recommend this venue in Your Secret City Guide to Zueri N01 Brunch (with many other precious brunch addresses) that you can order on line (or in your favorite bookshop) !

Address: Zypressenstrasse 115 – 8004

Open: Weekdays + Sat.: 08.00 – 23.30 /  Sun. : 10.00 – 18.00


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