Shortlist of our favourite zero-waste shops

Chez Mamie

Chez Mamie is one of 9 retail stores bearing the same name that recently expanded very successfully in Switzerland. The Zurich based one has just celebrated its first anniversary. Chez Mamie’s philosophy is to encourage organic and “zero waste” consumption at a fair price. In this enchanting store, you can find unpackaged products such as: flours, nuts, teas, cookies, spices and much more. Also available are natural cosmetics, such as pure argan oil, which has amazing regenerative care and moisturising properties for your skin and hair, and can also be used to give a fine taste to your salads. They also carry natural and organic cleaning products.

Their range is certified with organic labels from the Bio Suisse, Knospe Bio or Demeter Associations. Every Tuesday, there are fresh vegetables and free-gluten bread on sale.

Apart from selling ethnic meals, Chez Mamie also hosts events like yoga workshops or clothing swaps in order to foster social ties and sustainable development. Chez Mamie is great for vegan, eco-friendly and curious people; so when you visit them, don’t forget to bring your own containers! Should you forget, they also sell very cute biodegradable or reusable bags and jars.



Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 74, 8057 Zürich

Opening: Tuesday – Friday  : 10:00 – 19:00 / Saturday : 9:00 – 17:00

Contact: Tel. : 079 963 30 61 / Email :



Foifi is located in the vibrant industry area next to the Schiffbau in Zurich west and opened in March 2017. This lovely zero-waste shop combines a grocery outlet and a lively café spot, where locals frequently sit and enjoy a latte or kambutcha.

The grocery store offers mainly organic, local and non local products (the non organic products are from local producers only) and they partner with local, Swiss, Italian French and Austrian small corporations of farmers. There you’ll also find certified organic brands under the labels of Demeter, Bio Knospe and KAG for meat and other products like vegetables, cosmetics, cleaning products, dairy, juice and wine. They also carry a few second hand clothes and accessories.

The main philosophy of Foifi is to show that zero- waste consumption is possible in every aspect of daily life.

As with Chez Mamie, Foifi frequently organises events such as meditation, yoga workshops, live music and even a second-hand market.


Address: Schiffbaustrasse 9B, 8005 Zürich

Contact: 077 439 86 70 /


spotted by R.B. 




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