Our perfect beauty tip : Shea butter from Shea Yeah

Shea butter is a basic that any beauty vanity case must contain. Commonly used in African countries, it’s a natural fat extract from the nut of the African shea tree. Its very rich texture makes a perfect beauty product to nourish skin, lips and hair.


Good new for us in Zurich! The local Zurich brand Shea Yeah has developed a small line of beauty products made from top quality shea butter sourced directly from Ghana, Africa. They are free of paraben, silicon and petrol derivatives. The founder, Sandra, travelled to Ghana and was then given shea butter to treat a really bad sunburn: and it worked!

She got curious and started to explore the world of shea butter. Recently she decided to launch shea butter-based beauty products to share their magic benefits with everyone.

Sandra faced challenges before she was able to create her own brand. Her main challenge was to find top quality shea butter producers that matched her standards of hygiene. She finally found the perfect small cooperative of about 50 women who work the whole process: from collecting the fruit to filling the finished shea butter into containers.

The manager of this cooperative is an empowered lady who pays great attention to women’s labor rights and fair trade regulations. Sandra’s colleague based in Ghana organizes the logistics to Switzerland, where Sandra can count on the help of friends and relatives to help with labelling jars and selling, etc.


The collection includes several interesting products such as a detox clay mask, shea lip balm, beard oil for men and a pure shea butter peeling.

We tried the Shea butter lip balm (CHF 9.90) and the shea body butter orange & sea buckhorn ( CHF 27.90) and loved the texture and its lovely scent. It’s not greasy and is absorbs easily the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. We also tested it as a hair mask and obtained some really positive results : our hair was left glossy and much more voluminous.

We however did not have the opportunity to get a sunburn yet, but will probably have a chance to test the miraculous sunburn treatment this summer …


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