Qaveman : for men who care

The story behind the 100% Swiss made – 100% natural – 100% for male only beauty brand Qaveman is unusual: Julien’ secretly “borrowed” the moisturizer of his girlfriend… until she discovered his secret. For the first time, he needed to buy one by himself and was disappointed by the current offer. Together with his friend Torben, they decided to  develop their own cosmetics products dedicated to male only and 100% natural.

My Secret Zueri’s boyfriends team tested Qaveman products and gave a very high general grade. We tried to report the experience:

  • Shave cream: well it’s a cream , so it doesn’t foam and it’s not the same sensation as applying a foam (as women, we’ve learnt something here). But the very sensitive skin of the boyfriends made no reaction and did not showed any sign of redness after shaving ;
  • After shave : it’s always hard to make men speak up and share emotion, but apparently, the after shave gives a great impression of freshness and meet its goal to avoid pimples ;
  • Face Moisturizing Cream: the boyfriend team was not very used to rehydrate their skin . They enjoyed this very first experience and appreciated how their skin remained smooth, non greasy with a delicate floral and mint scent.

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We asked a few questions to Julien to know more about Qavemen and the people behind:

 You say you did not find what you were looking for in traditional men beauty product . What criteria is important to you, as a man, in a skincare product ?

 When I looked at traditional supermarket brands, and later at luxury brands, I could never identify myself to those brands. I had the feeling that they first developed products for women and then, suddenly, they found out that there is also a market for men. So, they just added “for men” behind their brands and thought it would be enough to satisfy the men’s need, but it is not.

What was the hardest to do when developping Qaveman products ?

After our market study, we new what kind of products we wanted to develop but we did not have a supplier. It was very hard to find one to work with. For us a the “made in Switzerland” was a must. Unfortunately, when you are a new brand and small you are not that interesting. In the end we were lucky and we are now totally satisfied with the outcome!

 Does your girlfriend now use your skin products for her self ? 

 Hahah. Yes she is now using one of our products, can you guess which one? (We bet on the moisturizer as we eventually stole it from our boyfriends) 

 What is your beauty routine as an urban man ? 

I am quite an average user when it comes to skincare. I use the Qaveman face wash and the moisturizing cream every morning. I shave every 3-4 days, then I use our shaving cream and after shave. In the Winter I also use a hand cream maybe every 2-3 days.



Gentlemen, you know at with door you shall knock !







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