Fancy Bracelet

What’s more lovely than a little bracelet – or more than just one – on our naked arm as a summer accessorize? Here is a selection of the loveliest bracelets you may found in town:


  • Hipanema at Sheherazad (Seefeldstrasse 14): do you remember this trendy Brazilian bracelet ? They have been back on the fashion stage since last summer. This year, you can find them at Sheherazad, among a selection of other ethic & fancy jewels. Otherwise, you can find Hipanema at the gothics and tatoo shops Giahi (Lowenstrasse 22)


  • Delicate stones to dress up our arm: these bracelets are perfect with a working outfit, a cocktail dress or to bring a sport chic touch to a basic jean-shirt outfit.: at Olich (Seefeldstrasse) ; in a little shop on Kirschegasse ; or our favorite at Sundrani (Strehlgasse 23 – 8001)
Olich lovely bracelet
Sundrani lovely bracelet (Fch 69)
Olich fancy bracelet
Olich fancy bracelet

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